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What are these in Bengali?

Optional: The course is optional.
Scold: Her mom scolds him everyday.
Irresponsible: How can he be so irresponsible?
Careless: He is careless.
Distract(verb):I hate it when people tries to distract me.
Distraction: I have to continuously avoid any forms of distraction.
Confront: I confronted the man for bumping into me in the bus.
Nervous: He is nervous whenever he has to speak to the teacher.
Interrogate: The police interrogated him based on suspicions of murder.
Transport: The box has been transported.
Transfer: The story transferred to another school.
Drop: I asked my sister if she can drop me to school.
Pick up: I picked him up after school.
Drop out: He dropped out of school.
Reasonable: I heard he's a reasonable man.
Touchy: We should avoid talking about that touchy topic.
Implicate: He's been implicated in the acts of terrorism.
Affect: The news affected him.
Effects: I would like to see the medicine's effects.

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