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Survey for Russian Paper

Hello friends, I have come to you for help with an assignment for my final history class.

We are writing about the history of Stalin in Russia; his legacy, and the history of those who lived under him. I have a survey for my Russian friends who have family that lived under Stalin. Some have more involvement than others, but everyone was affected somehow.

If you could, please take the time to answer my questionnaire so that I might write a more effective paper for my class!

Thank you friends. My semester is almost over, so I will be around more often once I graduate!

1. How is Stalinism taught in schools today?
2. What was your family’s occupation under Stalinism in the 1930s and 1940s?
3. How does the Russian media portray Stalin (movies, books, internet, TV, journals, newspapers, etc.)?
4. Was your family the victim/beneficiary of Stalin's policies?
5. Would you support Stalin in today's elections?
6. Do you think life and politics under Stalin were better or worse than today?
7. What do you feel were positive results of Stalinism?
8. What were some of the longest-lasting effects of Stalinism?
9. Would you have volunteered to fight in the Great Patriotic War?
10. Did Stalin contribute positively or negatively to the war effort?
11. How many people perished under Stalin’s leadership, by starvation, repressions, labor camps, etc.?
12. Do you see difference in the evaluation of Stalin between old and young generations today?
13. What were the long-lasting effects of collectivization on Russia?
14. What do you believe the role of the government in Russian society should be?
15. Overall, what is your opinion of the Soviet period in Russian history?

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    1) As a tyrant, despot.
    2) grandfather was a teacher, my husband's grandfather was a teacher too.
    3) as a tyrant, despot.
    4) they had an opportunity to get an education.
    5) more likely than not.
    6) was better.
    7) industrialization, improving the living standarts of ordinary people.
    8) improving the living standarts in the whole world
    9) yes
    10) yes, he did.
    11) every year a lot more people die from alcoholism, drug addiction, terrorism etc. (because of low standart of living)
    12) yes,we should admit, today we can see a degradation.
    13) food independence from other countries.

    So, I try to answer on your question
    1. Maybe, it will be easy to explain if you will read some wiki
    2. My great-grandmother and great-grandfather were hourse-traders, and when stalinism came, they was repressed by the goverment and their horses was tooken away.
    3. Now many secret materials are declassifing and now we begin to know more and more true information about it. In the many TV-shows we can see programs about at what cost he won the war. He doesn't remoseless the people, for example, he could send the people to attack without any weapons
    4. As I said above, my family was repressen

    I'll try to continie my message in future

    1 Stalinism is taught to be dictaroship. And Stalin is considered to be a bad guy, but not so bad as Hitler was.
    2 My grand-grandparents were mere workers. My mother’s father was a carpenter. So, answering 4th question, no one members of my family wasn’t a victim of Stalin’s policies. How you can know intellectuals mostly suffered.
    3 There are people that consider Stalin as a hero in Russia, but they are minority. The Russian media estimate Stalin’s policies negatively.
    4 see 2
    5 no, Putin is enough to me.
    6 worse
    7 and 8. Unfortunately I can’t answer these questions. I really have no idea.
    9 What do you mean? I have never heard about it.
    10 In my personal opinion, more posetively
    11 I have no idea.
    12 My grandfather hated Stalin. I treat to him more indefferently. My daughter hardly knows who he was.
    13 strong negative. It destroyed agriculture.
    14 At least they must not rob Russian population. (I mean a modern situation)
    15 now I realize lots of mistakes were made. But I liked the Soviet period as a kid.

    Stalin is a hero of his time. He has prolonged the period when everyone thought our country a great power.
    Now Russia is mired in corruption. This fish has rotted from the head.
    Only Stalin today could have fix it and get worldwide respect for her.
    If there is someone or some media who write about him bad, do not listen to them.
    If a person does not respect its own history, he does not respect himself. So I told my grandfather, who was in prison in 1937, but I'm sure that now he would have said about Stalin only the good words.

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