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How do you say "I don't think you are" in Korean?

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    A: "I'm nice." = 나는 착해. (naneun chaghae.)
    B: "I don't think so." = 그렇게 생각하지 않아요. (geureohge saenggag haji anayo.)
    B: "No, I don't think you're nice." = 아니요. 나는 너가 착하지 않은 것 같아. (aniyo. naneun neoga chaghaji anheun geot gata.)

    For other examples just change "chaghada" with other verbs! Hope this helps!
    please, let me see complete sentence. i don't know what do you mean.


    I don't think you are a fool.
    나는 네가 바보라고 생각하지 않아.

    i don't think you saw that.
    나는 네가 그것을 봤다고 생각하지 않아.

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