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Is this translation correct?

I would be grateful if someone could correct the following translation;

'That is the book, which belongs to his wife'

'Das ist das Buch, dem seine Frau gehört'

I know that 'gehört' takes the dative, so as the relative pronoun it is referring to is the book (das) I have used the dative word for das (dem)??

Also is ending 'e' correct on 'seinE Frau'?? Or, on second thoughts, as it is effectively saying 'to his wife' should it be 'seinER Frau'

Got a bit confused on this one, so any explanations would be appreciated.



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    The correct way is: Das ist das Buch, das seiner Frau gehört.

    The case of the relative pronoun depends on the role it plays in the subclause. If the subclause were a main clause, it would be:

    Das Buch (Nom. Neutr.) gehört seiner Frau (Dat. Fem.).

    So, in the subclause, it's: ..., das (Nom. Neutr.) seiner Frau (Dat. Fem.) gehört.

    You can then look up the forms/endings in the tables in the grammar book/website of your choice. Don't try to think about what the English equivalent would be, it will only confuse you. Try to think "in" German.

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