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What is mean these letters after the word Allah: Allah (s.s.)

We write it in Russian language: Allah(c.c.)

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    I think SS or CC is pretty difffent for Soubhanaho Wa Ta'ala, isn't? and its acronyme is SWT
    please we need the acronyms of ss and cc


    after the glorified name of Allah, we, as believers, say sobhanaho wa ta'ala = glorified and holy is his name, and i think that ss or cc, hope that helps

    I have never heard of S.S nor C.C .

    We say سبحانه و تعالى also عز و جل also الواحد الأحد

    maybe it refers to his names

    CC is the abbrevation of cella celaluhu (jalla jalaaluhu). The exact meaning should be " his glory is great" .

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