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"Kulshi" meaning?

I have heard the phrase "kulshi tamam" to mean "everything is ok." So I thought kulshi meant "everything" or "all." Just recently I heard an Iraqi phrase "Shako mako" ("what's new?") and the response "Kulshi mako" to mean "nothing is new." What does kulshi mean? Nothing or everything?

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    It means everything. كل شيء
    When I ask you : How it's going ?or what's up ? you say :"kulshi tamem""كل شيء تمام" tamem or "bikher" or"mnih" mean good.
    Good luck

    Kulshi = Kul Shi = كل شيء = Every Thing

    Kul = كل Every

    كل يوم Every day

    كل وقت Every time

    شيء = Thing

    ما هاذا الشيء ؟ what's this thing ?

    هذا الشيء جديد This thing is new

    About ( shako mako ) is a dialect not arabic , i don't know what does it mean.

    Hope it helps :D

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