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Kef kef, em'tada

Anyone know what this means? I believe it is Iraqi dialect.

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    em'tada = was went
    كيف اتمضى (في العامية) =كيف انمضى(في اللغة الرسمية)
    For example : How the exam went ? kef l moseba'a em'tada ?

    Maybe kef kef means here the same it's not standart arabic for sure , it's some arabic , for example when you want to buy sweets and the seller ask you which color red or white... but you don't care about it's color you just say "kef kef" :) . And for the other word i don't know what it means sorry .

    kef kef = some people use it as "excuse me?!" for shock/surprise or question

    em'tada = when did that happen?

    so i think the whole sentence was excuse me! when did that happen?
    (surprise and question)
    some people use it when they have no idea about the topic you are talk,so that gana be their reply,means like=> i have no idea about what are you talking about!
    or i have no idea when did that happen!

    hope this help

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