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Does the English word "eye" derive from the Arabic word عين 'ayn /ʕajn/ ?

The words sound very similar, and have the same meaning.

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    Yes maybe, I'm not sure for this one but I know lot of similar words.
    Some words of Arabic origin:

    Amber “العنبر” (anbar)
    Crimson “قرمزي” (karmazi)
    Elixir “إكسير” (ikseer)
    Carat “قيراط” (kirat)
    Cottom “القطن” (al-kutn)
    Sherbet “شربات” (sharabat)
    Tahini “الطحينة” (tahina)
    Chipher / zero “صفر” (sifr)
    Mask / mascara “المسكرة” (mascara)
    Alcohol “الكحول” (al-kohool)
    Hazard “زهر” (zahr)
    Caliber “قالب” (ka’leb)
    Jar “جرة” (jarra)
    Chemistry “الكيمياء” (al-keemya’a)

    and so forth

    check this one

    Just because two words look or sound alike it doesn't mean they have the same origins, for example, "ojo" and "eye" have the same roots from proto-indo european, and they have nothing in common.

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