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how to say someone is going to be in trouble?

i have يا ويله من أبوه which was translated as " hes going to be in trouble from his father"

is this a correct transation?
what other ways can we say someone is in trouble because of something they have done?

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    yes, this is correct
    and in other way you can say :
    ستقع في مشكلة
    والدك سوف يعاقبك
    ستكون في مشكلة
    هذا الامر سيتسبب لك بالمتعاب
    سوف تعاقب من قبل والدك

    The true translation for "he is going to be in trouble from his father or with his father" is "سوف يقع في ورطة مع والده" because the trouble didn't happen yet since you said "he is going to be " so in arabic we should add "سوف"
    hope this help Good luck

    "from his father" is word-for-word translation.
    When the sentence is in the passive form you say "by someone", and not "from someone", the latter is very Arabic. I guess you could use an equivalence that would transfer the same meaning without translating it literally such as "his father is going to punish him".

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