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how do we say " i get by" in arabic?

whats the arabic way of saying "i get by" (with something)
this is like a phrase in english but i wonder whats the arabic version.

for example "my arabic is not great but i get by"
- it means that i dont know arabic 100% but enough to live and communicate with people

also in english for the same thing people say "i make do"

for example "i dont have much money to spend, but i will make do with this much"
- meaning i will use what i have and survive with it even though it is less

i hope i havent confused anyone with this, please let me know if you know the right translation.

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    In some Arabic dialects we say ( أمشّي حالي) it means exactly (get by(.

    In the MSA I think you might say (أدّبر نفسي) or (أدّبر أموري)


    أستيطيع ان اتفاهم بالعربية

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