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Qual a diferença entre TIVE e ESTIVE?

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    Hi, Hikari,

    TIVE is the simple past of the verb TER (to have) (in the 1st person, singular). We call it pretérito perfeito in portuguese. ESTIVE corresponds to the same time and person (same inflection) but it relates to the verb ESTAR (to be - in the meaning of being somewhere).

    Eu ESTIVE com ela ontem. -> I was with her yesterday.
    Eu TIVE uma ideia. -> I had an idea.

    Keep up your studies.

    Tive é do verbo "ter", estive é do verbo "estar".

    Tive é passado do verbo TER - Eu tive um carro.
    estive é passado do verbo ESTAR - Eu estive em Paris.

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