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"P" Sound in Arabic?

OMG! I've just realized that Arabic doesn't have "p" sound! It has many interesting sounds, but not "p". What is used instead? ب ?

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    Arabic has no orthographic [p], however, phonetically (in speech) when [b] comes before a voiceless sound, it becomes voiceless too and is pronounced [p]: b-tiktob is pronounced [ptiktob] and mabsuut is pronounced [mapsuut] and ibtidaa' is pronounced [iptidaa']. So Arabic does have the [p] sound in its phonology, but it doesn't have a separate letter to represent it in its orthography.

    yeah we have only b ب sound in arabic
    but we can used instead bh sound به for P sounds .. its work ^.^ ..

    We use "ب" for both "B" & "P"
    for example: pablo picasso=بابلو بيكاسو

    For Arab speakers of English, differentiating between 'p' and 'b' is quite difficult since Arabic has no 'p' sound, so we may say 'p' as 'b' like banda instead of panda, bark instead of park or bin instead of pin. We don't have the "p" sound, we have only the "b" sound. If you say, "Don't park here, please", we may repeat it as, "Don't bark here, please":))))))))


    "B" and "P" are the same in Arabic. Both of them are ‎‏.ب

    p is just like be

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