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Existe algum Thanksgiving dia no Brasil?

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    Hello, Hikari,

    The Thanksgiving is a tradition followed mostly by americans and canadians. I guess not even the australians and british celebrate that day. Anyway, we were talking about it yesterday. Brazil is a country with a still large catholic tradition (inherited from Europe). That's why most of our holidays follow the Roman's Church prescription. We have holidays in the Easter, the Corpus Christi, the national manifestation of Mary (Nossa Senhora de Aparecida) and in the Christmas.

    If you look for an analog of the Thanksgiving spirit in Brazil, you could compare it to our Christmas. We usually celebrate it in the 24th of December and usually it happens with a family reunion to eat supper. In the same occasion, people exchange presents. It's a very traditional day in Brazil and we talk about the Christmas spirit. It could compare to the thanksgiving.

    Hope it was of some help.

    não tem ação de graças no Brasil.

    Brasil é sem graça, não tem xD

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