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How can I ask " What do you love"? in Egyptian Arabic? <3


Y3ani like "what do you like to do"? and how can I ask " what would you like to do with your life"?

It's a very common question, I think that if you know what you love, then maybe you will know what to do with your life. That's the ideal goal.

I love many things. I love art, music, languages, history, politics and religion.
I wish I can be a journalist, filmmaker, artist, designer, diplomat, psychologist, linguist, translator or english teacher.

I think it's important to try different things so you can discover what you truly love and what you are good at. When you find out then you will find success. I have been studying psychology but many of my friends say I should study Linguistics or anything that involves languages. I think that if people say your good at something you should listen and try it. So that's what I'm going to do inshallah!

"Success is to like yourself, what you do and how you do it".

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    you can say بتحب ایة؟

    (bet7eb eah?)

    ماذا تحب؟

    what do you like to do? in arabic is "maza to7eb an taf3al"
    what do you like to do with your life? in arabic is "maza to7eb an taf3al fe 7ayatak" or "bete3mel eih fe 7ayatak"


    hi there, you seem to be a philosopher, linguistic, historian, analyst, and much more. I think you are a person with many talents. as for the sentences, here you are
    عايز تكون ايه في المستقبل
    تحب تعمل ايه حياتك
    عايز تعمل ايه في حياتاك
    all the above mentioned sentences would give you the meaning you want, if you would like Arabic classes, I can help you as i provide all books, materials and files, your first class is free just to try me, lots of luck

    بتحب تعمل ايه في حياتك
    ايه هدفك في الحياة
    بتفكر في ايه في دنيتك

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