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how much does it take time to learn russian professionally ?


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    You will need a lot of time for learning Russian.
    Russia is a huge country. It is multi-ethnic.
    Almost all of the peoples of Russia speak Russian, but each of them has its own culture, heritage and tradition.
    Begin learning any of them. And you'll see how multifaceted the Russian soul.

    سوف تحتاج إلى الكثير من الوقت لتعلم الروسية.
    روسيا بلد كبير. فمن متعددة الأعراق.
    ما يقرب من جميع شعوب روسيا اللغة الروسية، ولكن كل واحد منهم لديها قناعاتها الثقافة والتراث والتقاليد.
    بدء في تعلم أي منها. وسترى كيف المتعددة الأوجه الروح الروسية.

    I think the whole life. It's a pity but not more than a half of even Russians can speak the language properly.

    It depends on your talent and diligence. As to me it's extremely difficult language.

    It depends on the profession. :)

    The guide, the journalist or the simultaneous interpreter - all of them are the professionals, but they requires different level of language to their work.

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