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How can I say I HAVE (A CAT)? Is it better to say у меня (кошка) or у меня есть (кошка)? Are both phrases being used and do they have the same meaning ?

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    You say: "У меня кошка."
    when you answer the question: "What kind of pet do you have?" (Какое домашнее животное у Вас есть?)
    If the word "есть" (have) is in question, then this word can be neglected in your answer.
    Or if your friend with his dog wants to come to your apartment, where is a cat..... You say so ...)) That is, you want to warn your friend about it.

    You say "У меня есть кошка." when, for example, you talking about your home or about your affections.

    Thus, the word "есть" is pronounced not all cases in Russian.

    I think, the better is "У меня есть кошка". That is neutral form without emphasize or logical stress.
    "У меня кошка" - this phrase has a emphasize on the word "кошка". They can understand it as "I have a cat, not a dog" or "Be careful, I have a cat!" or something else. Or it can be an answer to a question "what do you have?"

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