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Nós vs. Nos


I read that "nós" and "nos" have different uses. Can anyone explain when I should use the accent, and when I should leave it unaccented?

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    Oi, Clayton!! Como vai? :)
    Yes, nós/nos have different uses and different pronunciation. They are both pronouns. Nós is the subject pronoun and nos is the object pronoun.
    Nós viajamos a semana passada (we travelled last week) / Ele nos visitou (he visited us).
    Hope I've helped :)

    Nós is the pronoun we,in English.
    Nos is an oblique pronoun,that can be used as an object,referring to nós,like:
    Ajude-nos a aprender inglês.(Help us to learn English).
    But there are also exceptions,like:
    The lesson was made by us. (A lição foi feita por nós). Note that,in this case,you don't use nos,because there isn't a verb together with the pronoun.

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