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"moneda", "dinero", "plata"


What are the differences among "moneda", "dinero", and "plata"?

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    All the three words kinda means the same thing, but I guess most of the time "moneda" means a coin.
    Example: ¿Me das una moneda? = Can you hand me me a coin?

    "dinero" is the proper way to say "money" (and the most common way from my point of view)
    Example: ¿Trajiste dinero? = Did you bring money with you?

    I'm from Mexico and here "plata" is a casual way to refer to money (because the literal meaning of plata is silver)
    Example: Lo siento, no tengo nada de plata = I'm sorry, I don't have any money

    hope this helps ^^

    como tecnisismo es igual y depende del contexto.

    the word plata is using in the south of America for example in Perú,Colombia,Chile.
    Say "plata" is like say cash, is a regional technicality, you can say hey " dame mi dinero" and mean the same thing "dame mi plata" I hope this helpfully =)


    moneda = coins
    dinero = money
    plata = silver

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