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L' per lingua?

A volte, si dice
e a volte si dice

Come faccio a sapere cosa usare?
Per favore spiegare in inglese se è possibile

For learning: Italian
Base language: Italian
Category: Language


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    "L'italiano" means "the italian". "L'" is an abreviation of "il" (the definite article for male) or "la" (female). You abreviate like that when the word is singular. The plural is "i" (male) or "le" (female). But if the word is male and begins with a "z", "s" + consonant, "gn" or "ps", you must use "lo" (for singular) or "gli" (for plural). Like "l'alunno", "il padre", "lo zio", "lo studente", "lo psichiatra", "i padri", "gli alunni"... (sorry, my english is not that good... Hope you understand!)

    Io sto studiando l'italiano. I am studying italian.
    Io subject
    sto studiando verb to study
    l'italiano italian object (what?)

    L'italiano è la lingua parlata solo in Italia.
    The language italian is spoke only in Italy.
    The language italian is adjective
    is spoke --> verb
    only in Italy.


    Do you know about apostrophe usage in Italian language ?
    / Lo italiano / is shortened to /l' italiano/

    Conosci l'italiano ?
    meaning: do you know the italian language ?

    Here /italiano/ is used as a noun.

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