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"In arabic,making مضموم \مفتوح\مكسور مضاف

depends on what?the location of it in a sentence?or...?

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    there are many rules to master this thing

    for example if the word is located after مِن ، على ، الى the word will end with Qasra

    Example : مِنَ البابِ from the door , على الطاولةِ on the desktop , الى المدرسةِ to the school

    the word after حيثُ is always Damma حيثُ المدرسةُ

    the basic phrase in arabic should be as : Verb + Subject + Object

    the Subject after the verb ends in most cases with Damma

    and the Object Fatha

    For example : أكلَ أحمدُ الموزَ Ahmed are the banana

    There are a lot of rules , if you learn them a lot , you will master this :D


    usually at the end of the word you put damma, fatha, or kasra, hope that helps

    It depends on عَامِل

    عامل is a word which effects a change in the case-ending of a neighbouring word in a sentence, e.g., in في بيتِ المدرسِ, the word في has changed بيت from مرفوع to مجرور, and in قرأتُ كِتابَ عمر, the word قرأ has changed كتاب from مرفوع to منصوب. In the first example في is عامل.

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