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question about chinese characters (includes korean/japanese hanja/kanji too)

i wasn't really sure in which language should i put this question, so i left the one i'm learning, however, the question includes three languages - chinese, korean and japanese.

the thing i'm curious about is the chinese different are they in those three countries?
i know one difference is usage, obviously...and the same characters are read differently, as in pronunciation, right?
but when it comes to an actual meaning of a character? will it be the same or different? or maybe, only some of the characters have the same meanings and some may differ (depending on a country, that is)?

it would be nice, if someone could help.
maybe also include simple examples, but that's not optional.

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    Meaning of chinese characters are totally same between three countries.
    However few characters are different in writing by country by country.

    For example:
    Chinese and Japanese are writing 国 for mean of country
    but Korean's writing as 國.


    Like dunhill998 said the meanings for characters are pretty much all the same & sometimes characters are simplified.

    But where there seems to be more difference in usage is in how the characters combine to form words (usually a single character is not a word in itself but must combine with another character/other characters to make a word).

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