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How to recognize feminine nouns ending with -ь and make an object (grammar) of them in Russian?


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    The only way to recognize the grammatical gender of that nouns in Russian, as I know, is to control it by dictionary. In the text you can understand, that one or another word is feminine, if it has an adjective (the gender of adjectives they can recognize by their endings) or a verb in past tense.
    About the second question (how make an object of them) - It depends on the case, that you need.
    For the direct object usually we need accusative - for this words it is the same as nominative.
    For indirect object we need another case.

    For example, the word "кровать":
    Nominative: Кровать
    Genitive: Кровати (ь -> и)
    Dative: Кровати (ь -> и)
    Accusative: Кровать
    Instrumental: Кроватью (ь -> ью)
    Prepositional: о кровати (ь -> и)

    (But exist some exception, for example "мать", "дочь", "любовь")

    Ex: Я купил новую кровать. (direct object, accusative)
    Мне нужен новый матрас для кровати. Туфли стоят под кроватью.


    There is no rules, you have to memorize the gender of these words. However, if you're talking about the direct object (Accustaive case, inanimate nouns), the masculine and the feminine forms are the same:
    Я вижу словарь (m) = I see a dictionary
    Я вижу кровать (f) = I see a bed


    My suggestion is try to listen to the sound (or music of the word. That's how I call it). Feminine nouns most of times sound softer, sweeter, tender.
    You will not find any references to this "rule". It is totally my invention.

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