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French Question (urgent .. )

My friends have an interview tomorrow for applying university . I'm helping them butttt their division is French so we need some French phrases.

Here we'd like to know some phrases for the interview

Here are ->
Hello , My name is Yubora who applied Seoul Women's University which foster 21 century women leaders

Excuse me , Can I have some questons?

She has been interested in French culture but she had no time to learn French. She really wants to get in and learn more about France . Could you give her chance to learn about amazing France?

I'm having beautiful day. but she cant . I hope she get in university in seoul with me ! Pleaseee give us chance :)) I'd higly appreciated..
and If you can , would you share some proounciation by using a skype..thanks.
Merci m(_ _)m

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    the translation of your sentence in french is:
    " Bonjour, mon nom est Yubora et je postule à l'université de femmes de Séoul qui forme les dirigeantes du 21è siècle."

    Excusez moi, puis je vous poser une question?

    hope it will help you, it helps your friend rather..
    good luck


    Hello = Bonjour

    You can contact me for a session on skype... otherwise good luck!

    You want a French correspondent to learn the language ?

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