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What is the difference in between "talib-e-ilm" and "taliba"?

Tum talib-e ilm ho. ⇒You are a student. Can I say "Tum talibe ho."?

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    Talib-e-ilm means " Male Student ".
    Taliba means "Female Student ".
    Yes ! You can say " Tum Taliba ho" ( You are a female student) or
    You can say " Tum Talib-e- ilm" ho ( You are a male student ) OR
    we can also say like this "Hum Sub Talib-e-ilm" han" (We are all students) Including Male & Female Students.
    ( Very healthy Question, I really love to answer this Question)

    Talib-e-ilm is used for a student.
    Talib = Male student.
    Taliba = Female student.
    Kya tum taliba ho? = Are you a student ?(for feminine)

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