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What do you think about to learn languages on skype?

bah ah

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Lol Km , I always have fun hah aha, why are you a pirate from oldest town in Russia?

For learning: Russian
Base language: English
Category: Other



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    Hello,I´m ready to pay for some lessons to improve my Russian,but you know,it´s difficult to know in advance, if this may work...I´ve made several good friends here, I´m very grateful to them, I´ve learned a lot,better if I had just searched in Internet,I´ve learned about Ekaterinbourg, Novomoskovsk, Ukkrain, many virtual friends from Brazil(adorei!!!),but I think,many people here just want to receive,and not to give...
    Thath´s why I think It´s better to pay for some lessons...
    What do you think?
    I´m always ready to help, best wishes!!!

    I think it is good, because speakers can help in pronounsation.

    i'm learning on Skype and I speak better and better, may be its not good like in usual life, but its better then using grammar books, podcasts and something else. My Skype is ruslan_shaidulin

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