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Exclamatory sentence

In English, we express exclamatory sentence as below,
How time flies! // How wonderful the job is!
What a pity! // What a bad day!

How about in Portuguese? How shall I say? I want to learn the grammar rules~

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    It is exactly the same...
    Como o tempo voa! Como o emprego é maravilhoso!
    Que pena! Que dia ruim!

    If you want a list of cases when the exclamation mark is used, then:

    - Surprise or astonishment: Ele comprou um caso mesmo!
    - Enthusiasm: Hoje consigo terminar meu trabalho!
    - Anger, disappointment: Que ódio! / Não acredito nisso!
    - Pain: Minha perna!
    - With the question mark, it emphasizes the doubt, surprise and even the discontentment: Quê!? Ele veio aqui de novo!?
    - Imperative: Vem já aqui! / Compra logo!
    - Interjection: Nossa!
    - Vocative: Matheus!

    Well, as far as I know it also applies to English so you don't have anything to worry about. Most people either don't use the ! or use it too much in informal writing. haha

    In Portuguese Br we call this kind of sentence "Interjeição" (or "Exclamação", the least used). Two possible ways to construct such a sentence are starting the phrase with "que" or "quanto":
    a) Que viagem longa!
    b) Que maravilha o seu trabalho!
    c) Que água gelada!
    d) Que vista linda voce tem do seu quarto!
    e) Quanto mosquito!
    f) Quanta besteira falei!
    g) Quanto tempo!

    Although there are several other manners to build exclamatory sentences in Brazilian Portuguese, I think these two can be applied in almost all cases in everyday conversations.

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