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Is it possible to learn Arabic through Osmosis (emerging yourself in the language?



I was wondering, would it help my Arabic skills if I listen to Arabic music and watch Arabic programmes?


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    Yes actually it's the best way, but You must know at least the basics of the language.
    Good luck


    yes it will help a lot, plus regular classes with native to understand the structure of the language, lots of luck

    No , you can't learn a language only by watching movies or / and listening to music .

    you have to learn alphabets , pronounciation , grammar , vocabulary .. this is necessary for learning any language .

    Tv or music will help only .

    Yes, of course

    It won't help you that much, but in contrast you will be confused cuz we Arabs have so many accents which won't help you to learn our language. You have to learn the Alphabets, Grammar "you have to focus on this piece cuz it is a lil bit difficult even for us native speakers of the language', Phonetics "pronunciation of words, this piece is pretty simple cuz we pronounce the word as we read it, in contrast with English cuz sometimes you write a word while it is pronounced in another way!". I advise you to learn Classical Arabic and not to try to learn any other accent cuz it will distort the mother language.

    Believe me, the key of learning is PRACTICING and as long as you love it, you will learn it.

    Hoping I have helped you : )

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