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Two sentences : Arabic Grammar

Could someone please assist me by translating these two sentences into MSA? I am starting to investigate arabic grammar now that I have a fair grasp of the alphabet.

"My dog is a husky."

"My dog's breed is husky."

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    "My dog is a husky."=كلبي هو كلب إسكيمو

    "My dog's breed is husky.")فصيلة كلبي هي الإسكيمو


    صوت كلبي أجش
    نوع كلبي دو صوت اجش

    "كلبي هو كلب الاسكيمو" I am not sure about the translating of "husky" into Arabic.
    "سلالة كلبي هي(تعود الى) كلاب الاسكيمو"

    موفق في قواعد اللغة

    "My dog is a husky." " كلبي قوي"

    "My dog's breed is husky." " نسل كلبي قوي"

    In Arabic, husky has two meanings, when it is an adjective it means أجَشْ which means in English a strong voice, while if it was a noun it means كلب الإسكيمو which means the dog of Eskimo people. According to your sentences I can say that you are talking about your dog and describing its origin, so the proper usage of "husky" here is "noun", and I'm gonna translate the two sentences:
    1- كلبي هو كلب إسكيمو \ كلبي من كلاب الإسكيمو
    2- فصيلةُ كلبي هي الإسكيمو

    I am sure about my answer cuz I am an English student and I study translation this semester.
    Hopefully I helped you.

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