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tavır almak

bir kesden yana tavır almak ne demektir

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    Bir şeyden yana tavır almak

    Tavır almak: To adopt or take a definite position, line or attitude against something or someone. It is usually in a negative way. For example, your friend did something you really didn't like and h/she knew very well that you didn't like it. You got angry and didn't talk with her/him for a while. That is the attitude you took towards her/him.


    - İzinsiz dışarı çıktığım için annem bana karşı tavır aldı. (My mother adopted an attitude for I went outside without her permission.)

    - Haksızlıklara karşı ulusal tavır almamız gerekiyor. (We are supposed to adopt a national position on injustice.)

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