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julio proximo o proximo julio


I wrote a status on fb half in spanish to get feedback and people laughed when i said Julio proximo while some didn't change what i said. How would you say NEXT JULY in spanish?

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    Hi Anthony,

    First at all, as Sonia has said:
    - "próximo" is always with accent, because it is stressed on the antepenultimate syllable.
    - Name of months in Spanish should be written in minuscule (with the exception of the first word in a phrase).

    About your question, I think "julio próximo" don't sound natural in Spanish. It's better "próximo julio". For example:
    - Iré a trabajar a Londres el próximo julio.

    This example is correct, but it is common lenguage. If you were written a book (literary), you should maybe write :
    - Iré a trabajar a Londres en el próximo mes de julio.



    Hola, puedes decir "en el próximo mes de julio", los meses en español se escriben con minúscula,no como en inglés.
    Julio, es un nombre propio.
    próximo,lleva acento sobre la o.

    There really is no rule that says it's wrong to write "... julio próximo" but the truth is that you hear a little weird.

    The right thing is to write "... próximo julio"
    example: Haré un viaje a Alemania el próximo julio.

    * "próximo" will always accented, and "julio" with tiny when you're referring to the months of the year, but capitalized when you refer to a person name "Julio"

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