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In slovak, is it possible to make verbs from nouns?

In English it is possible to change some nouns into verbs:

performer (noun) - to perform (verb, infinitive)
composer (noun) - to compose (verb)
teacher - teach
actor - act
wrestler - wrestle

Does this happen in Slovak as well:

sklatadel' - sklatadet' (?)

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    @Peachey: Base word in that example is "sklad".
    There is difference between skladník (warehouseman) and skladateľ (composer). :)

    Anyway, I think that nouns are made from verbs. We have it in Slovak too. I think it is more tricky:

    čítať (to read) - čitateľ (reader - person), čítačka (reader - appliance), čítanka (book for kids to learn read)


    There is a way, but pay attention to what the base word actually is.

    skladať (to compose/assemble) -- skladateľ (composer... your example was something closer to "to composerate")

    Maybe the base word in that example is "klad" (merit/virtue).

    A better example would be: cesta (a road) -- cestovať (to travel) -- cestovanie (traveling)

    This is just from my experience, but I'm hoping a native Slovak speaker could add more.

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