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お茶を飲みたいのか?君は.. Does this question make sense to you?¨¨

Anyway I´m trying to say ¨Do you want to drink tea?¨

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    「お茶を飲みたいのか、君は・・・」sounds rough and blunt, lol... pretty masculine too, quite natural though.

    It's like saying;
    ①"Oh, you want tea? (Huh)..." in a surprised tone, when the speaker didn't expect the hearer to ask for tea.
    ②"Oh, you wanted tea, (not coffee.)". Like when the speaker's already made some coffee for the hearer, and the hearer says something like "Ah, this is not what I wanted."

    In either case, the phrase doesn't sound very polite.

    Between friends, I'd say "お茶飲む?" or "お茶飲まない?" or "お茶でもどう?"
    When I need to sound politer, I'd say "お茶いかがですか。" or "お茶でもいかがですか。"

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