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Stupid question! How much is the average of Internet speed in Moscow and whole Russia?


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    Depends on the ISP. There are places where the Internet is luxury, but in the big sities the internet speed and quality better than in the Europe. Also connection is cheaper.

    About 100mb/s, I think...

    depends on internet provider, doesn't it?
    Btw, did some research... didn't know in english there's a difference between MB-s and mb-s, thats confusing! And those articles just confused me even more - they always tell numbers which vary to a fault. Anyway, 100 is unreal, whether its MBps or mbps :))

    if I understand correct in the internet speed my one is vary from 10 to 800 kbps. It depends availability of rigs, how long do you use internet, using internet through telephone or mobil connection.
    for example, I can't watch films on the internet(it needs much times), but my sister can .
    If I have mistakes, correct me please

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