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歌を歌うたい AND 歌を歌うたいです

What is the difference? .. If they are the same why would you use desu at the end and why you wouldn't.

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    First of all, it should be 歌を歌いたい and 歌を歌いたいです。

    These both have the same meaning. The only difference is that adding "desu" makes it a little more polite or formal.

    ~したい = wanna
    i wanna sing a song. = 歌を歌いたい。
    i sing a song. = 歌を歌う。

    うたをうたう means sing a song and うたをうたいたい means wnat to sing a song.

    In very fomal way, うたをうたいます and うたをうたいたいです.
    But if you say without です or ます, it's not bad. Generally we use です and ます when we talk with older people, unknown people, and with whom we know but not close people.

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