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Are they're any spaces when writing japanese?

When writing in Japanese would you put spaces between words like in English? When i read Japanese it doesn't look like they do.

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    no there are no spaces in japanese.

    There are none, but it isn't a big problem once you start reading texts with kanji (Chinese characters).

    Also, there are what are called particles in Japanese, which are somewhat like spaces. The real purpose of particles is to to determine the grammatical purpose of words in a sentence, but because they are written in hiragana (simpler looking characters), they help separate the major words of a sentence from each other.

    Here's an example sentence I pulled from my dictionary:
    She entered into conversation with zeal."

    You'll notice that there are what look like complicated characters (彼女,熱心,会話,始) followed by some simpler characters (は,に,を,めた). If we were to do the same thing in English, it would maybe look something like this: SHEsENTEREDxINTOuCONVERSATIONpWITHoZEAL. It's hard to read at first, but after a while, you would get used to it, don't you think?

    So no, there are no spaces, but it's not nearly as confusing as you may think it would be.

    it is not necessary.

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