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Is there any difference between...



me ayuda.

or any other verbs.

This really confused me when I say something like. "Can you help me?". Or "I can teach you!"

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    it's the same thing. It's just like in portuguese language.

    The word "me" not only in "me ayuda" but also in "ayudame" is the direct object in the sentence: it indicates to whom goes the action of the verb (in this case, to whom is the help).

    I hope you understand my explanation. I suggest to you that study the pronouns.

    I guess that both "ayúdame" and "¿me ayuda?" when we are talking to other person can mean the same thing, but the feeling behind it is kinda different.

    If someone say to me "ayúdame" (wich means"help me" in english) is kinda a command, so we usually use this expression to people we are close like friends and family.

    "me ayuda" can be applied in two situations:
    *As a question "¿me ayuda?" it can be a more polite way to ask for help, because it translates like "would you help me?"
    * In sentences like "Tom me ayuda a cocinar" = Tom helps me to cook, it means that someone (or something) is helping me.

    hahaha so after this long comment...

    "ayúdame" "enséñame" "explícame" it's applied when I'm requesting something to someone

    "Ana me ayuda" "X me enseña" "X me explica" it's applied when someone is doing something for me.

    hope this helps ^^

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