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How can I ask " What is happening"? in Egyptian Arabic? o.O


I know in Sham Arabic you say " shou 3am b'Seer?" or what happened " shou Sar"? / "shou Sarlak"? what happen to you?

But I don't know how to say this in Egyptian Arabic :(

Please someone tell me what is happening in Egypt?

I read all kinds of information, I watch the news, and I watch videos but nobody tells me what is happening. I understand some don't like this topic but it's important to know what is going on, we live in the information age, so there is no excuse. There is some information I can't process because my Arabic is not advance, so it would nice to share some Arabic information media with some Arab friends who can translate for me or explain to me what's happening. This activity can help me learn more Arabic and learn more about Arab politics. I can kill two birds with one stone.

I'm sorry that Egypt is having a hard time, but we must learn to see problems as opportunities. Destruction is a opportunity for rebuilding, sickness is a opportunity for healing, a mistake is opportunity to learn and correct.
That's life.

Get ready because God has big things for Egypt!
B7bak ya Masr! 2lby m3ak 3la toul ya 7abibi!

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    Eah elli biya7sel?

    اية اللي بيحصل؟
    What is happening?
    " Eah ele be7sal ? "

    sho beseer ??


    actually " shou 3am b'Seer?" " shou Sar"? / "shou Sarlak"? .. this is not sham arabic .. this is Lebanese accent

    In Egypt say ( eh ely behsl? ) but Classical Arabic we say ( maza yhdos ? )

    Eah elli biyasah ايه اللي بيحصل

    All the people are seeking power, Islamist or liberals or seculars. Why they are a political party if they do not seek power?

    What is happening? means in Egyptian Arabic
    Ah El byhsaal ?

    ?ايه البيحصل

    howa eh elly bey7sl?? هو ايه اللى بيحصل؟
    or in the formal arabic maza ya7doth? ماذا يحدث؟

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