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What is the top three conversation starters in spanish?

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    Hello,in this small part of South America,Uruguay:
    1. Hola¿cómo estás? (¿Cómo andás?¿Qué tal? Hello,how are you?
    2. ¿Y la familia,cómo está? (cómo anda?) And what about your family?
    3·Hablar sobre el tiempo(el clima)...the weather!!!
    4.¿Y tu trabajo? (estudios?) What about your work?( or what you are studying)
    6.politics - taxes!!!! Everyone is complaining about taxes!!!
    Well,conversation topics depends of the age,the social status,the country you live in, the moment you are living, and so on... Just like in English...

    The most common one is:
    Hola, ¿Qué tal?
    But you can also use
    Hola, ¿Cómo te va?
    or the less formal ¿Qué tal va eso?

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