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what's the different between 我又没说你 and 我没说你 and 我才没说你?

how we can use " 又“and "才“

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    Well, the difference between the "又" and “才” really confused. "我没说你" is just a simple sentence about the fact. Generally, "我又没说你" "我才没说你" are used when you express a fact, you are unhappy. when you say "我又没说你",the answer is complete, you needn't to say anything else. When you say "我才没说你", you are expected to say who you are talking about then.

    The tone of “我又没说你”is stronger than “我没说你”. “我才没说你”needs to look at the circumstance, which is similar to “我又没说你”, but is not a common expression, “我又没说你”is more popular.



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