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How do you ask questions in Slovak?

I know "kto, čo, ked', gedje, prečo a ako", but how do you ask complex questions? Examples:

Do/ does/ did (you/ it)...?
May (I)...?
Can (I)...?
Could (you)...?
Is/ are there...?
Is it/ Are they...?

Also are there any grammatical changes I should be aware of when asking a question?

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    Do/ does/ did (you/ it)...? Hovoríš anglicky? (Do you speak English?) Verb goes first. In most cases you don`t need to change anything, just use intonation.

    May (I)...? Môžem /Smiem....?
    Can (I)...? Môžem...? (the same as previous)
    Could (you)...? Mohol by si...?
    If...? Here I am not sure what question you want to ask...
    Is/ are there...? Je tu/Sú tu...?
    Is it/ Are they...? Je to/Sú to...?

    kto, čo, ked', kde je (pronounced "gde je"), prečo a ako, kedy (when)

    Hope it helps

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