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I have been studying Chinese for almost 10 years and I always avoid learning chengyu. So I am wondering if some people can suggest the best chengyu to learn. 谢谢 ;o)

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    My favorite chengyu is 精尽人亡.

    “海阔凭鱼跃,天高任鸟飞”which means "boundless is the sea for fish to dive at will, unlimited is the sky for birds to fly at ease."

    In Chinese, each Chengyu is a literary story behind. All the Chengyu are origined from the ancient stories and legends, from those we can learn a lot of helpful lessons of life. "自强不息" is one of my favorite, which means people should constantly strive to become stronger. Hope you like it. ^_^

    事在人为 It all depends on human effort.

    I think these chengyu can represent the chinese culture:
    水满则溢 月盈则亏

    you can search them on internet

    hello, im jane from china, i am a teacher , i have been learning english for more than 10 years , i hope we can help each other .my favourite chengyu is 德才兼备...

    hello , i hope we can learn from each other , im a teacher from china .my yahoo id is

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