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I've heard Russians are very afraid of December 21st! Is it true? Are Russians superstitious ???


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    We Russians will celebrate the end of the world on December, 21, 2012 and 13 days later we'll celebrate also "the old end of the world" on January, 3, 2013 (just like we usually celebrate "the Old New Year" on the 13-th of January)!!! ;)))))

    Oh, it's true! I think it's funny, but people are really afraid of. I can see how people buy canned food and candles in supermarkets, my clients say they do not come to trains on Dec. 21. As we say, "Поживем - увидим!" (Wait and see).
    Is it true? I do not know such people. In my opinion, all the people just joke about it.

    The Russians are not afraid of anything. They say: "Go to bed. Tomorrow you will celebrate Christmas - Иди спать, завтра ёлка".

    You are mistaken. Many people will celebrate it. And following too.

    no, it is fearful not this date itself, but what will be after it.

    OK, let's make a conclusion of everything has been said previously .. Russians ARE superstitious but we are NOT afraid. It means that we make tones of jokes about it in social media websites, in smoking area with colleagues, with friends on the kitchen but after that we go to supermarket and buy candles, can food, water and vodka (in the medical purposes only, for disinfection of course). ))

    It's not true absolutely ) We have survived 90 th.. After this time we are not afraid of anything )

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    I think that very few people were actually afraid that on December 21 there will be something terrible. But the media and the TV is always exaggerated. Shows a large number of artistic and educational films about the end of the world.

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