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question about time clause in future

hello! It's a sentence I found on a teaching site:

"He will be working while Adrian waits"

I understand the meaning of the sentence and how it's correct, but I was wondering, is it not correct to use future cont. + future cont. with "while" ? (because I couldn't find an example like that)

"He will be working while Adrian will be waiting"

I'd understand it that they would be doing their activities at the same time for ~equal amount of time.
(as we could say talking about the past: "He was working while Adrian was waiting" )

thank you!!

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    The clause "while Adrian waits" is called the 'fiuture time clause'. Time clauses function as adverbs that indicate when (the time) the action of the main clause occurs. "while Adrian waits" indicates when "He will be working". Other time words and expressions, used to introduce time clauses include: when, before, after, as soon as, while and by the time. In English, the verb in a future time clause must be in the present tense. It is also possible to use the 'present progressive/continuous' tense in a "while" clause, hence your sentence would be correct if written as follows: He will be working while Adrian is waiting.
    I wish I could take credit for my answer, but the truth is my answer comes from the following website:

    When we have time clauses, the verb in the time clause ('while', 'during which') is usually in the present tense (or present continuous) not in the future tense.

    He will be working out while you shop.
    She will be setting up the tent while we are cooking.

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