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-してみる or other; to try or attempt to (do something) - clarifications on usage + related phrases?


If I recall correctly, I know how to say things like:

日本語でしゃべってみて!(Try talking in Japanese!)
見に行ってみる! (I will try to go see it!)
泳いでみたことがない。(I haven't tried swimming.)

(Feel free to correct me if these sentences are grammatically incorrect - I needlessly went a little all-out); obviously the basis of what I'm talking about is just the formulation:

(verb in -te form)+miru = try to (verb)

As I currently perceive it, it generally means "try to" in the sense of either literally attempt to, or more like "try out" (with other things that don't necessarily take much effort or skill).

But I was wondering just to what degree it is used.

I was wondering if there are any things I could say I tried to do using that formulation and be either grammatically incorrect, or unnatural sounding.

And I was wondering if there are any other similar or related words or phrases I would do well to know?

Thank you for reading, and thank you in advance for answering!

P.S. - "Thank you in advance" (like at the end of my question here) は日本語で何と言いますか?

P.P.S. - I do know the word 努める, though that realization with this context does actually cause me to stir with further questions.. such as, for instance, could you / would you say 努めてみる to mean "try to try hard" / "try to make great effort", or as Homer Simpson put it plainly "try to try"? lol...

Also, if anyone has any info on the etymology and/or why's and how's and wherefore's of the -te miru formulation, learning about that always helps me too. (That being said.. I also wonder why "X mitai" means "resembling X"...)

Sorry for all the text, and sorry for asking in English too. It's partially due to the nature of the question, though admittedly the rest is due to my lack of full competence in Japanese of course.


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    「してみる」is identical to 「試みる(こころみる)」 which means try doing or have a try.
    It does not mean try to do something. Try to do is 「…しようとする」.
    I tried speaking Japanese, but couldn’t make myself understood. (日本語を話してみたが, 通じなかった).
    I tried to speak Japanese, but could say nothing. (日本語を話そうとしたのだが, 何も言えなかった).

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