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How right to say

How will be right to say : dont wait no more. He won't come today.
How to say "no more"?

Thank you.

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    不要再等了.他今天不會來了 !!

    no more =
    1. 不再:------- Don't ......again.
    She love you no more.
    她不再爱你了。(here: 不再------She loved him before. But now she DON't CONTINUE love him, love anther possible.)
    She would wear that red high-heels no more.
    她不再穿那双红色高跟鞋了。(here: 不再------She'll NEVER wear it. Maybe She has new's and DON't like it AGAIN.)

    This words 'Don't wait no more.' is incorrect, I think. It should be 'Don't wait for him.' or ' Don't wait him more.'

    2. 没有更多:
    The error code is 12, which means no more memory.
    错误代码是 12,这表示没有更多内存可用。
    I have only 100 dollars. There is no more.

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