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Whats the best way to learn japanese Kanji

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    When we, japanese, learnt Kanji in a elementary school, we just wrote many many times in order to memorise. It's very boring and taking a long time, but I think this is the best way to learn Kanji.

    I used two different methods. These worked well for me, but they might not be what you want.

    The first method I used was rote memorization. I bought a book of 250 kanji, and I went through the whole thing, writing each character 10-20 times and trying to remember their readings. When I started I would do 1 or 2 characters per day, but when I got to about 500 characters, I would do 5-10 a day. I would also often do small reviews where I would write a few characters from previous chapters 2-3 times.

    Here are the books I used for my first 500:

    Using this method, you will be reading and writing simple texts in a month or so. It takes a lot of work, but the results are great.

    The other method is using Remembering the Kanji. The goal of RtK is to be able to recognize, write and know the general meaning of all the Jouyou kanji (2136 characters) before you learn to read them. This facilitates learning to read later on since you don't have to learn everything at once. RtK is quite ingenious because it teaches you how to remember the characters through mnemonics: it starts by giving you stories, then it gives you outlines of stories, and then you make your own stories for the rest.

    The advantage of RtK is that you can do more characters per day form the start. When I did this, I already knew ~1000 characters, so I went through the book in under a month at 50-100 characters per day, but I wouldn't suggest this since you're just starting.

    RtK is a lot easier for a beginner, but you won't be reading for a long time.

    Note: RtK is best used with an SRS software like Anki, or the one provided on the site

    How about using this site^^

    If you click the kanji, you can see the stroke order.Also, if you check "グリッド" check box, grid is shown.(Sorry for my poor English^^;)

    First of all, we(japanese) read Japanese textbook.
    little by little, we remember it. but I couldn't write Kanji sometimes^^;

    you should write an easy sentence. and then you remember its as much as possible.
    a part of kanji has meaning, so you should have the part of kanji's meaning image.

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