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How to say me dawaswala / Aajkal(Nowadays) in spoken Tamil?


How would I say the following question in spoken Tamil?

These days I am working in Melbourne.
Aajal main melbourne men kam karta hoon. (Hindi)
me dawaswala mama melbourne wala weda karanava. (Sinhala)

Indha naargalil naan melbournil velai paarkkiren (Written Tamil).

But spoken Madras / Thanjavur Tamil?

I have much respect for Yaazhpanam Tamil (Jaffna Tamil) but its not very useful in India, and I speak too much Sinhala in my Tamil also - So I am wanting a lot of help to be a good speaker.

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    Nhhan ippozuthu Melbourne nharil vaelai paarkkiRaen

    onnum puriyala

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