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что значит- zara ,laapata, khud,karda,jhalla ,chhode,nibhaani , vaasta, raasta,Jaante ,lachariyaan.

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    zara ज़रा - little, some, just.
    laapata लापता - Missing
    khud खुद - self
    jhalla झल्ला - I guess crazy or mad
    chhode छोड़े ->chhodna छोड़ना - to leave
    nibhaani निभानी - feminie of nibhana निभाना - to fulfil, to abide by till completion
    vaasta वास्ता - relation or concern
    rasta रास्ता - way, path, road
    jaante जानते -> verb jaananaa जानना - to know, to acknowledge.
    lachariyaan लाचारियाँ ->plural of laachari लाचारी - helplessness, inability to act or to do.

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