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non capisco "ci sa fare"

/Ci sa fare/ : 'ci' = in quel contesto, in quel campo,e` in genere un rafforzativo.

Esempio: Luigi ci sa fare con le donne, lo cercano sempre, anche le ex.
Luigi knows women, ??they always find him, include his ex girlfriend?

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    Luigi knows how to deal with women, they always seek him, including his ex-girlfriends.

    /to seek/ is quite different from /to find/
    /to seek/ id what you do in order /to find/.

    /saper-ci fare con ABC/ :
    essere bravo nel campo ABC

    ci: refers to the context

    -- saperci fare con il nuoto (to be clever in swimmng)
    -- saperci fare con la matematica (to be a good mathematician)
    -- saperci fare con gli sci (to be a good skier)

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