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thats right?

私の読めば本日本語。食べられます俺のリンゴ(If I read my book Japanese. I can eat apples)I know is a stupid example but that is all I think for while

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    Hi, your question is funny!
    I think it doesn't make sense... so I write some guessing what you wanted to say.

    I read my Japanese book. わたしは わたしの 日本語の本を読む。
    I read my book in Japanese. わたしは わたしの 本を 日本語で 読む。

    I can eat apples. わたしは リンゴを たべられる。わたしはリンゴをたべることが できる。

    "I" can be translated to わたし、ぼく and more, but I don't recomend you to use 俺(おれ) because it sounds rough though many Japanese use it.

    Hope it helps you!

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